Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development

Today, there are around 5 billion people being connected to at least single device worldwide, hence mobile application has the ability to transform business. Mobile technology has taken a great shape recently with introduction of smart phone and advancements in wireless network. Employees have started to bring their own devices to workplace and expect to access work related mails and other applications in real time through mobile. Employers are being requested from every end to provide access for such work related data in mobile devices of employees. In general, many enterprises have recognized benefits of such enterprise application solutions and are formulating policies and use cases for rolling out their Enterprise Mobility solutions.

Most Enterprises Have Planned to rollout their solutions in three phases as discusses Below.

In first phase, enterprises would start providing access to emails, contacts and calendar to be accessible through employee mobile devices. All these data would be encrypted.

Beyond Desktop

All work related enterprise application solutions will be optimized for mobile. It would be done either through developing mobile applications or mobile based site. Through this process enterprises can reduce sales cycles and replace volumes of paper-based work in real time.

Improving Efficiency

Enterprises have started to identify mobility applications and solutions to improve efficiency among employees. Apps, which reduce approval time process, improve sales and promotions, are in high demand among corporate
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